New Hope Christian Fellowship - An Ancient Hope For A Modern Age
A Prayer For Renewal

Lord, You have been our resting place for all the ages of the earth.

You have proved yourself in every circumstance that we could imagine.

You have touched our lives time after time without end.

Lord, seek in us the weak places. Seek in us the battered places, the places where the attacks of our enemies are near to breaking through! Renew our Faith in this time of Crisis.

Lord, we seek you, when our economy is under attack.  We need your presence, when the value of our already poor income becomes even less.  Bless us your people, so that we might have more and more to share with those around us.

Lord, we seek you, when our strength seems to fail, and our courage seems to quail.  Build in us the certainty that YOU can never fail, and that you will never allow us to fail in Your pursuits.

Help us the see the Eternity beyond the strife of our current day. Accept anew our commitment To follow You wherever You lead, To speak the words You command,
To be Your People Now and Forever. Amen.


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