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Enumerating, Categorizing and Applying The Old Testament Laws
New Answers For Old Questions

By David A Dorsey PhD

Delivered as the Whittmaer - Sailor Lecture
at Evangelical Seminary, Myerstown Pennsylvania

                                          About the Author/Speaker

David A. Dorsey, PhD. is Professor of Old Testament at Evangelical, a position he has held since 1979. He holds degrees from Northeastern Bible College, Trinity International University, and Dropsie University, and has done graduate studies at Hebrew University and The American Institute of Holy Land Studies. In addition to his teaching duties, he serves as Curator of the Pense Biblical Archaeological Collection.
Dr. Dorsey is the author of The Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel and The Literary Structure of the Old Testament. He has also written dozens of articles for various scholarly and popular journals, Bible encyclopedias, Bible dictionaries, and archaeological encyclopedias. He served on the translation team that produced the New Living Translation of the Bible.
Dr. Dorsey and his wife, Jan, live in Frystown, Pennsylvania, and have three adult children, Jonathan, Benjamin, and Sarah, and five grandchildren.

Personal Note:               As a 1993 Graduate of Evangelical Seminary [then named "Evangelical School of theology"] Dr. Dorsey was my professor, my mentor, my adviser, my best friend, and my example in humility and faith in Christ.  It is my pleasure to present to you this example of his scholarship and inspiration.  Enjoy!  DLF

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