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In Memory Of Karen Lynn Colton
Our Dear Friend And Sister in the LORD!

Karen Lynn (Pearson) Colton
August 9, 1954-December 27, 2011

Kris Sefchick
Although she wasn’t aware of it at the time, I first met Karen in 1954.  My family lived in what was then known as the PM (Primitive Methodist) Corner, or as some people called it, the Amen Corner, of the Cross Keys section of Houtzdale.  Word had it that there was a new baby residing in the Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mitchell household just down the road from us; I begged my mother to permit me to go to visit the new baby, as I had never before seen a newborn baby.  When I looked in the bassinet and saw baby Karen, I remember being totally surprised to see this tiny little baby who didn’t impress me much at all ~ sleeping, wrinkled and not much hair.  Time changes everything!  That baby developed into a beautiful person. Read More

Ralph and Autumn Haines

Dear Denny and Family,   Ralph and I would love to help ease your pain, but what can we say or do that can possibly take the pain away.  We want you to know that we loved your sweet Karen, she will be missed by us for so many reasons.  We have many memories of sharing time with her and your family at the church, memories that we will treasure even more now knowing we will not have another chance to experience time with Karen again until we see her in Glory.  Denny, please know we hold you dear to our hearts and will be there for you if we can do anything to help ease your burden.   Ralph and I also love you and your family and will be lifting you up before Our Lord and Savior to give you extra strength needed at this most difficult time.   All our love and prayers, Ralph and Autumn

Reverend Bob and Darlene Smith

To the family of Karen,  We had the privilege of knowing and loving Karen from when we were living in Houtzdale as the pastor and wife of Mt. Zion PM Church. Karen was our babysitter for our 4 children. She and Denny use to come to our home often to watch our kids. Karen was a blessing to us and also to the church. We truly loved her. We are so sad for you her family. Our hearts go out to you for your loss. I'm sure there was rejoicing in Heaven when she entered her eternal home. Please know we will be praying for all of you.               Love in Christ,     Rev.Smith and Darlene

Joe III and April Finney

Pastor Dennis, April and I extend our deepest condolences to you and your church family with the loss of Karen Colton. Our prayers go out to her family both at home and at church. Karen was reared in a quality Christian home near Mom on the "back street". Both Karen and Dennis were and continue to be well respected people from the time I met them when we were very young and growing up as children. Our hearts are broken at the loss, knowing there will be a void in her family and all those who ever knew her. Surely the Angels in Heaven rejoice and sing praises to God as they welcome her home. With love, your brother and sister in Christ Jesus.  Joe and April

Mikki Jerome

My thoughts of Karen Colton:

She was genuinely the kindest and most gentle person I
have ever known.

I remember her voice, like a little silver bell, pure and
sweet; ringing with the purest devotion to her Lord Jesus.

She had one of the truest faiths I have ever encountered.
She lived it always, even through the tough stuff.

I love her dearly and will miss her.
I rejoice that she is with Jesus.

Peace and blessings always,

Micki Jerome

Cindy Green

Karen was the most patient person I knew.  She never raised her voice to the kids Wednesday nights, no matter how unruly they became.  She personified Jesus' attitude toward children and they loved her in return.  It was an honor and a pleasure knowing Karen and becoming more like her would make me a better person. 
My heart goes out to her family in their great loss.  Cindy (Shawver) Green

Bethany Sefchick

After I lost my job in the summer of 2009, I started helping my mom at church functions and events, like the yard sales.  Though that, I got to know both Mona and Karen, though not as well as I would have liked. . ..I'm glad I got the chance to know both Karen and Mona.  Had I not lost my job that would not happened.  I wouldn't have had that opportunity and that would have been a shame.  My life today is better because I had the chance to get to know them.  So even when it seemed as if my world was ending with that loss, I gained something exceptional as well.  Even now, I would not trade those experiences and time spent with them for anything.  I only wish I had more time.  I know that everyone feels that way, so that's why I'm thankful that I had the time and opportunities that I did. . . I just wanted someone else to know how much richer my life is for having known them both.  Sincerely,  Bethany Sefchick

Doris Agans

My favorite memory is the beautiful luncheons I had at Key Largo with Karen Colton and some other women from the church.  What beautiful gatherings and lots of good talk.  Love Doris Agans

Tracey Cowfer

       My friend and dear sister in the Lord Jesus, Karen Colton, has made such an impact in the lives of so many.  She expressed Christ's love in beautiful ways and when I think about the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control........Karen demonstrated them and she leaves behind a beautiful legacy.  
       Karen will be missed and I am so sorry for all of our hearts; especially those of her family, that will be heavy missing her terribly in days and years to come. We can glean so much from the blessing of having known Karen in our lives.  She was a woman of noble character and of love with a quiet strength driven by her love and devotion to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Read More

Fran and Paulette Bloom

When Paul tells the Philippians to think of "...whatever is true, honest,  just, pure, and lovely, admirable ...praiseworthy...", Karen took this to heart.  She was one who always thought the best of everyone.   Dwelling on the positive parts of the human nature,  she sang the songs, walked the walk, and talked the talk of a follower of our Lord Jesus.   She is an example for us to follow--when others saw her, they saw the Christ working in her.   Well done, true and faithful servant.  Karen, we will miss your smile and friendly greetings and remember with love your spirit.   Paulette and Fran Bloom 

Dawn [Hudak] Coder

Karen Colton was an amazing, outstanding Christian woman.  She will be missed.  Please accept this gift in honor of her memory.  She was so giving, and someone that I admired deeply.  She had so many gifts that she used.  She was great with the Children's Church and was always willing to take time to help others.  May you use this donation in honor of all that she gave to the LORD.  Peace and Love. 
Dawn [Hudak] Coder

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